Rates for Repairs:

Services: In home Appliance repair

Service call: $65.00 (Covers most all repairs)in home.

Refrigerator/freezer compressor - no longer do sealed system repairs.

Frontload washer tub seal/bearing/teardown: $130

                                       No return trip charge. Reasonable part prices.

  First thing to do if product won`t do anything is to check for power. Check breakers or fuse on 220 volt items or for 110 volt items plug something in outlet you know works. Most appliances anymore have have circuit boards and can lock up. Unplug or turn off power for 1 hour  then try item. Sometimes that will fix it. Appliances with water make sure water is turned on and screens are clean in hoses. Make sure all buttons are pushed in all the way. Electric dryers need 220 volts to heat and only 120 volts to run so flip breakers back&forth or reverse fuses to check.

Things To Check Before Calling:

           Parts Available For All Brands

  Have a fully stocked truck with most functional parts for most US brands and limited parts on others. Can order parts for all brands. Takes 2 days from date of order to get parts in if in stock. Call anytime for parts. Have model number available.

            Call for parts:208-524-1587

                           Refrigerator Problems:                               

  If refrigerator is not cooling first thing to do is to make sure it has power. If lights were working are they on? If not plug something into outlet you know works. If works make sure control is turned on. If is electronic control leave unplugged for 1 hour and try.If still does not work needs more detailed troubleshooting. Make sure condenser is clean and fan is working. If  freezer cools and refrigerator does not it is usually a defrost problem. Look in back of freezer for frost. If has frost it blocks air from going to refrigerator side. Defrosting it will work for about a week or until repairman can get there. If running all the time make sure doors are sealing good. Check condenser underneath to make sure it is not stopped up with lint. Check freezer temperature . it should be between 0 to +6 degrees F   If you have a ice maker not working check to see if fill spout is iced up. If your water will not work listen for a hum and if it does then it may have a frozen tank. Just leave refrigerator door open for 10 minutes to thaw it out.   

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  Washer Problems:

  Today a lot of appliances have circuit boards which are small computers. If washer will not start or program the first thing to do is unplug or turn power off for 1 hour. Sometimes that will fix the problem. Make sure all buttons or knobs are in proper positions. Make sure water is turned on. If fills slow check screens in hoses and in water valve on washer. Plug something in outlet you know works if is completely dead. If not draining check for kinked hose. Some front load washers have filters at the pump. If there is a door in lower panel that is a filter that can be checked. If leaks check for leaking hoses or torn boot.

                                               Dryer Problems:  

  If dryer will not start or heat first thing to do is flip circuit breaker back and forth a couple of times. Dryer runs on 110 volts and heats on 220 volts if electric dryer. Make sure buttons or knobs are in proper positions. If taking too long to dry check vent system and make sure it is clear and no kinks. Check and see if air is going outside. Check lint filter.


                                              Range Problems:

  If you have an older range and oven does not heat and there is a clock make sure it is set on MAN. If it is a newer electronic clock turn power off for 1 hour and then try it. If you have coil burners and they sometimes work and sometimes do not it usually needs a new block the unit plugs into. If cooks uneven make sure both bake and broil elements work and door closes good. Different types of pans in oven will not cook the same. If smoothtop units heat slow make sure pans are flat. If pans are not flat do not put on hi and they will heat faster. Clean anything that spills on glass top which has a lot of sugar in it off instantly before it cools or it will pit the surface.

                                              Dishwasher Problems:

  If dishwasher does not start check for power. Reset breaker or turn off for 1 hour and try again. If leaks more than once check to see if there is a lot of suds. Wrong detergent getting into dishwasher will have to much suds and leak out. Make sure door is closing all the way.

  Tips if not cleaning well: Make sure arms turn freely and holes are clear. Check to see if it is filling with water. Run water hot to sink before starting dishwasher. Water should be above 120 degrees. Best if 140. If dishes are cloudy do you have a water softener. If so is it working? If no water softener use rinse agent tablets in basket instead of liquid. Use tablet type detergents. Use white vinegar often to clean out dishwasher. Put 2 glasses on top rack in opposite corners upright and fill with vinegar. Let go through cycle.

                                              Microwave Problems:

  If a microwave will not start unplug it for an hour and then try it. If all lights and clock are off plug something in outlet you know works. If there is power then fuse is blown inside microwave and it needs serviced. Always keep cavity in microwave clean so the wave guide cover will not arc and burn a hole in it.

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